TTL Mapping

TTL Mapping provides a bird's eye view of your fleet resources and operations.

Our application provides near real-time status of critical operating data including; driver and equipment location/status, load/order status, and the ability to easily query your data.

In conjunction with the Mapping application, customized SSRS reports can be built using information from the map.

Because there are no "One Size Fits All' solutions in the transportation business, you determine the level of detail that best meets your needs.

Acquiring and implementing this application is affordable, quick, and easy. TTL Systems assists with Implementation and Training to guarantee your complete satisfaction.


Features:                                                    Benefits:
Visibility                                                      Improved Driver and Resources Utilization
Near Real-Time Status                                 Increased Asset Utilization  
Historical Data                                            Improved Profitability
Flexible Asset Reporting                              Optimized Operations
Easy to Implement, Easy to Use                   Enhanced Safety
Cloud Friendly, Web Delivered                    Improved Customer Experience (Service)
Enables Proactive Management                   Maximized Customer Satisfaction (Service)