MBI Energy Logistics implemented PeopleNet and TMW electronic dispatch in March of 2011. Once we were up and running and our oilfield customers realized we had real time data in our system, the expectations and requirements for providing information and reports increased exponentially. A base requirement for us was to have SQL programming capabilities for SSRS reporting. These resources are difficult to come by in western North Dakota. I had worked with Dan Taylor at a prior company and we approached him to consider consulting with us. With Dan’s prior knowledge of TMW, he was able to step in and help us meet our customer’s immediate demands. 


Since we were using TMW in a new “oil field” application, we were required to develop a number of processes outside of the base operating system. Again, Dan’s expertise fit perfectly. He and his people have expanded their reach into MBI by developing mobile apps, real time mapping capabilities to track status and location of vehicles and provided a temporary solution to paper dispatch and gauge book for our water operations. Many of the processes in this temporary system were linked to our TMW electronic dispatch programs and are still used today for tracking customer gauge readings on production water wells we manage and tracking our service jobs in support of rigs.


I have always found Dan and his company willing, responsive and upbeat in their support of our company. They have never told us “it couldn’t be done”.  Being solution focused has been their calling card.


-Leon Palmer

Vice President of Logistics

MBI Energy Services


Finding a qualified source of technical support is hard enough as it is; finding EXPERIENCED support for transportation technology is nearly impossible. I was fortunate enough to find TTL Systems and they have consistently provided the highest level of quality service at every turn. I have integrated their resources into my teams during multiple ERP deployments and I never cease to be amazed at the senior-level experience and deep systems knowledge they always bring to the table. TTL is fair, patient, honest to a fault and have the strong work ethic and sense of accountability critical to any large scale systems deployment.

-W. Scott Morgan


Xenolytic Data Solutions


We first reached out to TTL upon learning that we were losing two of our internal analysts. We have learned throughout the years that keeping DBA’s (and information technology staff in general) is very difficult. Even more difficult is finding technology talent that truly understands transportation. Our technology team is small and the impact of losing an IT employee is felt heavily. Our decision to engage with TTL was based on their ability to provide services in a staff augmentation model and gain access to a variety of technology services that truly understand transportation. We leveraged this all at a cost that was close to hiring only one internal technology resource. The appeal of the service was in the reduced risk and ability to scale up and scale down according to Cowan’s specific needs at any given time (in addition to the knowledge base). With our current backlog of technology projects and requests, it has been a fantastic partnership in which we are able to assign projects to TTLthat we would not have been able to produce internally through our resources for many months. These projects that have mostly been focused on reporting and data collection have been competed within a matter of weeks with little need for my internal resources to get involved. We have been very pleased with TTL’s services thus far and as they have been responsive and proven their understanding of our business and our needs. TTL allowed us to continue making progress on project backlog without hiring an additional internal resource.

- David DeCillis

Director of Information Technology

Cowan Systems


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