TTL Systems is on the rise and quickly growing out of the capacity of the current development team. We are looking for .net developers to work with our project managers and solutions architects. This position will work to design and develop custom application projects for our rapidly increasing client base.

Requirements for the position are:
-Knowledge and experience in .net development
(Degrees and certifications are a plus, but not required)
-Positive attitude
-Team player
-Hunger for growth in both personal and team aspects

TTL Systems has both contractor and employee options. Contractor rates tend to be higher than employee rates, but the employees are offered certain benefits. These benefits include competitive salaries, 4% match on 401K investments, life insurance, and health insurance.

Even if you do not possess these desired skills, but know someone who does, TTL Systems offers referral bonuses. Please contact us about any referral program information. In addition to employee referrals, we also offer referral bonuses for any new leads on client opportunities.

If you are interested in joining the TTL Systems’ team, or need further referral program information, please contact us at careers@ttlsystems.com