E-Ticket gives the user the ability to upload well readings into the software system. Without the integration of technology, well gaugers would travel to the job site, collect the data from the wells, write it down, return to headquarters where someone would have to manually enter the report data into the system. With this web app, third party well gaugers have the capability  to enter well readings directly into the system, saving time and money as well as a reduction in human error. Keep in mind, all fields are customizable. If your business has other field data to be collected, TTL Systems can make it happen!

E-Ticket is composed of two segments - a user side and a management side. The user side gives visibility to all open tickets and the ability to submit readings. The management side allows the ability to approve/reject tickets and add/delete users.

When logging in as a user a table will display following ticket information; Tickets to be submitted, date the ticket was opened, with a status of rejected, updated, or available.



When the user clicks on the "ticket number", the data entry screen appears. The fields below have parameters in place to ensure the data entered is accurate.


Once a ticket is submitted, the management user has ability to approve or reject the ticket. If rejected management must provide a reason. If a ticket is rejected it will reappear on the user screen with a rejected status.


If management clicks on the ticket number a table will appear with the information submitted, giving the ability to review the entries.



For more information on how this product can help improve your process, please reach out to us for a free demo!