It can take years to bring a technology employee up to speed. TTL has the experience to bring your company to where it needs to be today. We have a team of resources with diverse technical expertise in transportation combined with years of industry experience readily available when you need it most. Right now!


  • TTL is an agile solutions firm dedicated to rapid response.
  • Most failure can be summed up with two words: TOO LATE.
  • Your business demands “NOW!”



TTL Systems has the expertise to understand your logistics operational needs and the technical staff to bridge the gap from where you are today to where your business needs to be tomorrow.


“Our decision to engage with TTL was based on their ability to provide services in a staff augmentation model and gain access to a variety of technology services that truly understand transportation. We leveraged this all at a cost that was close to hiring only one internal technology resource. The appeal of the service was in the reduced risk and ability to scale up and scale down according to Cowan’s specific needs at any given time (in addition to the knowledge base).”

 -David DeCillis
Director of Information Technology
Cowan Systems

TTL Systems is the technology partner who understands not only our business, but yours as well.